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Name: Lila Cerf

Email: lilacerf@comcast.net     (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 510-289-6150

A dozen or so basic conventions
Friday at noon in Oakland
I have about 220 points
Please contact me by phone or text


Name: Nancy Price

Email: pricenw@comcast.net     (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 415-971-7773



Name: Michael Sasso

Email: michaelwsasso@gmail.com     (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 510-891-0353  

Details: Two-over-one, flexible Standard American, etc.

              Friday noon games at EBCBC. 


Name: Tom Willging

Email: twillgin@gmail.com  

Phone: 202-491-4747   (texting is my preferred method of contact)

Details: Standard American (learning 2 over 1); Friday afternoons

             at EBCBC or Monday afternoons.  I have 31 points w/ experience

             in open games.


Name: Margaret Tam

Email: margaretmatam@yahoo.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 925-247-4628 

Details: 2/1, Jacoby 2NT, DONT, Inverted Minors, Jordan 2NT, 1430.

              I have 160 points and am flexible.  Wish to play at the East Bay Community Bridge Center 


Name: Norman Price

Email: pricenm@gmail.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 925-963-6399 

Details: I play Standard American; I have just under 100 points.
         Available Tuesday and Friday.  Can play at East Bay Comm. Bridge Center, Orinda, or Concord


Name: John Lafler

Email: relfal@yahoo.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 510-285-6383 

Details: simple standard most dates Oakland -- Probably not permanent (Gerry Litton has taken a leave of absence


Name: Caryl Larson

Email:  zzzlars@aol.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 510-594-0512 

Details: I play Standard American.  Looking for a Friday partner at the East Bay Community Bridge Center.


Name: Eric Frederic

Email:  eafrederic@gmail.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 510-447-9096 

Details: I play SAYC (can adapt to 2/1). I am somewhere between the beginner and intermediate level.  I only have about 0.8 points, but that's because I only recently became an ACBL member.  
            Looking to play anywhere in Oakland, Berkeley, or El Cerrito, but willing to travel to SF if it seems like a good fit.  I love bridge and want to play as much as humanly possible.  Cheers


Name: Paul Britto

Email:  wtbyct@msn.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 925-458-7119 

Details: I play Sayc and 2/1, Looking to play in Oakland. Will consider other areas

            and other times  but I would like to start in Oakland. I have 514 pts. Will play with a person of equal ability. 


 Name: Carol Warren

Email:  carolwarren@mindspring.com   (preferred method of contact)

Details: Looking for a regular Friday Partner and/or Regionals/sectionals.

who plays 2/1.  I play most conventions and have a little over 600 points

Name: Liz Rutter

Email:  elisar88@yahoo.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (510) 531-7223   

Details: Have 720 pt.Play the usual conventions, 2/1. Looking for similarish.


Name: Linda Yazell

Email:  linda@accessauto.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (831) 246-0483   

Details: I play standard American with the normal conventions.  I would like to play some of the evening games at the EB Bridge center. 

            I have about 65 points, and would like to play with someone who has taken or is taking classes.


Name: Roger Edelson

Email:  rogeredl@yahoo.com  

Phone:  (510) 525-1203   (preferred method of contact)

Details: Standard American; Weak 2's; Stayman; Kaplan-Sheinwold if desired  


Name: Leigha From

Email:  leigha4life@gmail.com  

Phone:  (415) 850-0711   

Details: Beginning player 


Name: Anna Wong

Email:  anna.yenyen.wong@gmail.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (510) 339-8228   

Details: Standard American.  Need a partner for Oakland club games at noon on M-W-F



Name: Shahla Verrall

Email:  shahlav@att.net   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (510) 526-4241   

Details: 2/1, Standard American plus various conventions to be discussed.  Prefer Mondays and some Tuesday/Thursdays

            @ East Bay Community Bridge Center, or El Cerrito Club games.


Name: Sarla Purohit

Email:  purohitsarla@yahoo.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (510) 825-0137   

Details: Standard American plus various conventions.  Any day except Wednesdays.  Play at E. Bay Community Bridge Center 


Name: Al Goldspiel

Email:  Algoldspiel@gmail.com   (preferred method of contact)

Phone:  (510) 610-9451   

Details: Afternoon games, please.  I prefer partners with advanced bidding skills and masterpoints in my range (2,000).
            I play two-over-one and most conventions.